Partnerships & Affiliates



Uganda Partnership 

The Harold Foster Foundation supports the Uganda Partnership's HIV group by providing selenium rich food supplements that have been shown to increase in the overall health and energy of AIDS victims. In September 2010 members of the Harold Foster Foundation visited their villages to meet the women and children in their HIV group and to see the success of this partnership directly.


 Rural Women’s Movement  

The Rural Women’s Movement (RWM) of South Africa, based in KwaZulu Natal, is an independent non-profit rural women’s land and property rights organization. We seek to eliminate poverty and to enhance women’s participation in local governance. RWM advocates for women’s independent land, housing, inheritance and property rights, and lobbies for public policy changes. We provide training to respond strategically to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.




We know how important eating healthy and raw is for our health, so we always encourage people to eat that way as much as possible.  One of the easiest way to eat raw is to use the Vitamix.  A few raw veggies and some fruit makes a delicious smoothie full of nutrients of all sorts.  If you are interested in ordering, please use the link below to receive free shipping, and a portion of the purchase to the Foundation.  Ensure you use our affiliate code "06-007259" for the free shipping and donation.