MELISA (Operations/Finance) - Melisa oversees projects and manages the day to day operations of the foundation. Without her support, expertise and selfless dedication, none of this would be possible. In a past life, Melisa served in the Canadian Navy having travelled the world and participated in many humanitarian missions. "This work is critically important for creating an impact on humanity. It's frustrating to say the least, that more people aren't aware of the research that's already been done, and just sitting there ready for someone to apply it. We're working to change that." Contact Melisa at

TANYA (International Projects) - Tanya supports the Foundaton by bringing together women in North America to provide micro-loans to widows and orphans in Uganda. These interest free micro-loans enable these women and orphaned teenagers to purchase chickens, pigs and goats and essential nutrients. Tanya also helped to coordinate special events that promote the international projects that the Foundation supports.

EMMA (Community Relations) - Emma creates and delivers messages about the benefits of eating locally grown foods and how we can also empower children across the world to do the same. She loves her job and reminds us to have fun, smell the roses and be grateful for everything we have! Emma loves to travel, serve others (enjoyed building houses in Mexico) and takes care of her pigs, chickens and dogs.

DAVID (Marketing) - David is a young professional passionate about business, health, and the natural world. After graduating from Royal Roads University, David has pursued a career in entrepreneurial management. Always looking for ways to make a dollar while making a positive impact, he is eager to bridge the gap between research and lifestyle for those in need. Contact Dave at